It made us a bit of the “freaks” with the Swingers

It made us a bit of the “freaks” with the Swingers

Oh, and we were also a bit odd in that “we” were three. Not in an uncomfortable way, although I assume some people could have been made to feel uncomfortable with that vibe. Not us. We reveled in it. And it led to a lot of fun! A lot of wives and girlfriends playfully joking with their partners, “Hey, no fair, this swap is a two for one and I am just getting the one.” Swapping humor!

TURN IT DOWN A NOTCH OR TWO, (BUT NOT THREE) After several months at “11,” Mike called for us to cool it down a bit. It was feeling a bit like an addiction.

He felt we were getting a bit sex-crazed, and he was right

We were all looking forward to our next adventure, but that anticipation was more than just a craving, it was becoming a “can’t live without it” lusting. (mehr …)

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